Report and Photos of Electrical Shocking Incident at Campbell Plaza

SALINA, Kansas — KSN has been following this story for months and now we are getting a better picture of what emergency crews found when they arrived at Campbell Plaza.

Jayden Hicks, 11, was shocked while playing with friends in the rain when she came in contact with an in-ground junction box last May.

She was taken to the hospital then transferred to a rehab facility in Nebraska where she later died from her injuries.

KSN filed an open records request to learn more about the incident and now we have more than a dozen photos of the aftermath.

Photos taken by an electrician for the City of Salina captured the red, green and black wiring inside of the in-ground junction box at Campbell Plaza.

The melted wiring shows the damage left behind.

An incident report revealed that city electrician, Steve Adams, was called to the scene to inspect the box and to figure out what went wrong.

“When the lid was removed, the first item I noticed was that a wire was melted, along with the wire nut,” said Adams. “Additionally, I noticed burn marks on the underneath side of the lid.”

Another photo also shows several tools scattered on the ground next to the box as Adams tried to figure out the source of the wires and the potential voltage.

“We started with Westar’s power and when they turned it back on there was in fact no voltage present,” said Adams in the report. “At this point, I checked the voltage again with my meter. The potential to ground was around 208 volts.”

The Hicks family hired an attorney over the summer and are now in the process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Salina.

While this incident report was made available through an open records request, the city’s attorney tells KSN that police reports are exempt and protected.

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